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Address:Nanping city renmin road196Municipal committee of the compound10Building206Room
Online customer serviceQQ:50802368
The mailbox:50802368@qq.com
The phone:0599-8858972


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    Nanping LanHong decoration design co., LTD. Is a collection of decorative design space、Construction as one of the decoration company,Sincere to every customer,Customized brand new、Grace、Comfortable life that occupy the home、Cultural space。    Since the company2009Years since its founding,Has been adhering to the staff“Strives for the survival by the quality,To the credibility of development”The management idea,Always adhere to customer needs and satisfaction as the core,In order to“The good faith”For the purpose,With high quality、Fine、Creative space decorative products to provide customers with greater value in return,So that the company continue to grow stronger。    Space design is an art,Is made of the results,Rather than the process of rehearsal,Grade life、Experience and honor,Starting from the LanHong.........


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Address:Nanping city renmin road196Municipal committee of the compound10Building206Room The phone:0599-8858972
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